Music For Annoyed Robots

24 Jun 2022 | Tracks: 7

  • Anybody from my Planet
  • Fragments of You
  • Perception
  • Rebuilded
  • Free Will
  • Night Owl

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Music for Annoyed Robots is a 7 tracks album. It’s classified as electronic music without a specific genre (100 to 128 bpm); has been made by a human and some computers.

Music for Annoyed Robots has been Released on June 24, 2022 on all the major streaming services.




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The concept

Definition of Annoyed

Troubled, irritated by something unwanted or unliked (an annoyance); vexed.

Definition of Robot

Borrowed from Czech robot, from robota (“drudgery, servitude”).

  1. (chiefly science fiction) An intelligent mechanical being designed to look like a human or other creature, and usually made from metal. [from 20th c.]
  2. A machine built to carry out some complex task or group of tasks by physically moving, especially one which can be programmed. [from 20th c.]
  3. (figuratively) A person who does not seem to have any emotions. [from 20th c.]
  4. (South Africa) A traffic light (from earlier robot policeman). [from 20th c.]
  5. (surveying) A theodolite which follows the movements of a prism and can be used by a one-man crew.
  6. (dance) A style of dance popular in disco in which the dancer imitates the stiff movements of a stereotypical android robot.


Behind the scenes

How the tracks were made:

All the tracks were arranged and mixed with Bitwig Studio. Every track has been kickstarted by some kind of generative approach. It’s a duet with my computer, but for copyright reasons, it will not appear has a featured artist.

Other instruments used: Modal Argon 8, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Keys.

The track #1 Anybody from my planet contain samples from an old documentary by David Hoffman , rearranged to emphatize a specific concept. The documentary was about another generation but the feeling is still valid for the actual one.

The track #4 Perception contain samples from a random podcast about spirituality available on

The track #6 Free will contain samples from a sci-fi movie about androids. Can’t recall the title. If someone can, please let me know.

How the images were made:

The cover girl/robot has been created using a Generative Adversarial Network. I’ve fine tuned the available parameters for the eyes and the mouth to obtain an annoyed face and a mixed race.

After the generation, the image has been manipulated in Photoshop to improve the makeup, the crop and the color correction.

The two additional images are other examples of annoyed robots made with the same technique. I’m building an army of annoyed robots. No harm intended. Return to this website in the future to see the other robots in action.

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