Wrong Techno

24 Jun 2023 | Tracks: 5

  • Ich War Da
  • Silberner Traum
  • Pleasure
  • Secret Playground
  • Falling Stardust


Explore the unconventional with the album Wrong Techno. Released on June 24, 2023, this collection of 5 tracks challenges the norms of techno, offering a blend that’s both familiar and refreshingly different.

Wrong Techno pushes the boundaries of classic techno with its infectious energy and dynamic rhythms ranging from 130 to 137 BPM.

Available on all major streaming platforms, Wrong Techno invites you to experience techno in a new light. It may not conform to every canon, but it brings a unique flavor to the genre that’s worth discovering.

Why Techno?

This album was born from a challenge. A friend dared me to create a techno track, and I embraced the opportunity to explore new musical horizons. Wrong Techno is the result—an album that blends experimentation with the essence of techno, creating an exciting journey for listeners.

Behind the Scenes

How the Tracks Were Made:

All tracks were arranged and mixed using Bitwig Studio.

Other instruments used include Modal Argon 8, Korg Volca Bass, and Korg Volca Keys.

  • Ich War Da contains distorted recordings of my vocals.
  • Pleasure contains distorted recordings of my vocals.
  • Falling Stardust features vocals generated with a Text-To-Speech engine.

How the cover was made:

The cover image represents a futuristic musical device. It has been created using Stable Diffusion and retouched with Krita.

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