Wrong Techno

24 Jun 2023 | Tracks: 5

  • Ich War Da
  • Silberner Traum
  • Pleasure
  • Secret Playground
  • Falling Stardust

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Dive into the unexpected with my new album, Wrong Techno. Released on June 24, 2023, this collection of 5 tracks straddles the line of techno, offering something familiar, yet distinctly different.

Wrong Techno is, in essence, a playground where I’ve pushed the boundaries of classic techno. Each track dances around the techno genre, but there’s a curious piece of the puzzle that seems to be missing. What that is, I’m not quite sure, but it’s a mystery I invite you to unravel with me.

Despite this intriguing omission, there’s no denying the infectious energy of the album. With rhythms ranging from a steady 130 to a lively 137 beats per minute, the beats have a unique power to move you - perhaps even inspire you to jump and dance.

Available across all major streaming platforms, Wrong Techno is an open invitation for you to explore the ‘almost’ in techno. It might not fit the conventional mold, but it’s a journey I’m excited to share. Give it a listen, let the beats guide you, and who knows? You might just find what’s missing.




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Why Techno?

When a friend, an avid raver, challenged me to create a techno track, I took it up on a whim. A challenge turned experiment - it was outside my comfort zone, yet tantalizingly exciting. I decided to treat it as a race against time, aiming to finish by his birthday.

Wrong Techno is the result of that friendly dare - an exploration of uncharted territories, an immersion into techno’s rhythmic world. It started as a mere challenge but became a thrilling adventure, leading to the birth of this album.

So, why techno? Because stepping into the unknown can lead to unforgettable journeys, and this was one such musical expedition. Join me in this daring techno exploration.


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