New website

20 Feb 2022


This is the classical post to announce a new website.

After some years of silence, i decided to redo everything. Now everything is ready to launch my next project 😉

What’s new?

  • Changed domain from to
    • The old domain is still active and redirect to this one
  • Abandoned WordPress in favor of Hugo (more details in the about page)
    • Now with useless and colorful emoji ❤️
  • Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud audio player 🎵
  • Cool Image gallery 🎨
  • Mobile friendly 📱


  • Added content never published on the old website 🆕
  • Added description to all the images and music
  • Added a detailed page about me
  • Removed stuff that i don’t like anymore 💩
  • Prepared for the release of my next project
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